My Perl modules
Name pod Vers Updated Description
Config::DebugTrace pod 2.22 04/11/00 debug and trace configuration module (OO and procedural)
Date::Year pod 1.01 04/11/00 rolling conversion of two-digit years to four(+) digits
File::CloneDir pod 1.13 04/11/00 smart clone one directory tree to another (requires Config::DebugTrace)

My Perl scripts
Name pod Vers Updated Description
fft pod 1.12 04/12/00 Fast File Transfer tool (requires Config::DebugTrace, File::CloneDir)
md5_check pod 1.00 03/22/00 Checks the MD5 signatures of files in the current directory
populous_worlds - 1.00 04/15/00 Prints out the world codes for the old Bullfrog game, Populous
pushd utils => 1.02 02/29/00 Win32 batch/perl implementations of the Unix pushd/popd/dirs utilities
which pod 1.04 09/14/03 Enhanced Unix-like "which" utility for locating executables on PATH

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Last editted: 2003/09/30